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Zack IT SimpliCloud is an Enterprise grade IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Cloud platform built on latest virtualization techniques. This means that you can grow your business to reach new markets without worrying about upfront CAPEX of physical hardware.

Why SimpliCloud Is 'SimpliBetter'
Complete Control of your IT Infrastructure using the Zack IT Service Orchestrator, you can provision, upgrade, downgrade or de-provision your virtual compute, storage and network resource. All you need is an internet powered device. You also get round-the-clock monitoring and reporting through our online management console.

Enterprise Grade Offering
Power your resource intensive applications with Octa Core processor machines coupled with up to 16 GB of RAM and an infinite storage capacity. You can choose the nearest availability zone to ensure highest service standards.

Enterprise Grade Offering
Flexible Payment Terms
Zack IT SimpliCloud gives you complete freedom from contractual obligations and fixed billing modes. Pick a billing mode (monthly or hourly) that suits your organization budget. You can also choose between post-paid and pre-paid billing model.

Smart-er Computing
Handle flash loads on your IT infrastructure without manual configuration headaches. SimpliScale automatically scales your IT infrastructure up or down or horizontally, and takes care of those unaccounted-for spikes.

Service Level Guarantee
The best of breed technology which goes in to making of Zack IT SimpliCloud allows us to extend a VM up-time of as high as 99.95%. Trust us when IT is mission critical.

Live Support
Your virtual IT infrastructure will not feel strange or unfamiliar with our live cloud experts by your side. We will be there by your side when you provision your first virtual machine or firewall or load balancer on Zack IT SimpliCloud platform.