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Connect Your Physical Infrastructure To The Cloud

How can I have my data and applications in the cloud and still maintain control over organizational network topology and policies?

How can I keep my existing in-house physical infrastructure that doesn't scale but still borrow additional resources using cloud computing when I need it?

If these are challenges that you find yourself thinking about, Zack IT's HybriCloud is the simplest answer.

How Can I Use A Hybrid Cloud?

You can use your physical infrastructure or private cloud for mission-critical applications and push the non-critical data and applications to the cloud.

For example, a company might use a public cloud for test and development while using a private cloud inside the organization for production deployment. Another example would be using public clouds for external facing applications while using a private cloud for internal applications.

As a HybriCloud customer, you will be able to enjoy a mix of virtual and physical infrastructure. Customers subscribing to our collocation or dedicated hosting services can augment existing physical infrastructure by securely provisioning additional capacity from our public cloud and pay as per usage.

How Does The Hybrid Cloud Work?

HybriCloud works by allowing you to create an isolated environment within Zack IT's SimpliCloud grid by spawning instances within a virtual network that is defined by you. It allows you to have the same network topology and policies that are existent in your own datacenter.