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Managed hosting

As physical data centre space becomes more of an issue; system downtime becomes more unacceptable; the cost of power and cooling rises; information security becomes critical and Green IT becomes more of an imperative, so more of our customers are looking at alternative solutions to hosting their IT infrastructures. For many, our co-location managed hosting service is the answer.

We can work with you to provide cost effective, managed hosting, that guarantees availability, saves physical space and allows you to retain control and ownership of your assets. We offer a choice of data centres strategically placed across the UK, enabling you to host your infrastructure in a secure, robust environment conveniently located for your in-house IT team.

Co-location hosting services can be provided as part of a wider IT managed service, with us managing part or all of the environment, or as a stand-alone service, whatever best meets your needs.

Benefits of our co-location hosting services

Our co-location managed hosting services are designed to deliver real business benefits to our customers:

  • Reduced Costs – our managed hosting services remove the need to invest in building new data centres or upgrading existing ones to meet the ever growing demand for space, cooling and power. Customers benefit from measured costs, reducing the impact of rising energy costs and volatility in the energy market.

  • Increased availability & reduced risk – with 24×7 monitoring and full back-up systems in place, our co-location hosting services mean your systems have no single point of failure, reducing the risk of outage and providing the availability your organisation needs. Our approach helps customers meet regulatory requirements in areas such as corporate governance, environmental practices and security.

  • Increased flexibility & business agility – there’s no minimum space or service requirements for our managed hosting services and we can configure custom space to meet your individual needs, at a geographical location that suits you.

  • Reduced carbon footprint – the economies of scale associated with a shared data centre reduce power consumption, energy wastage and the environmental impact of your IT. Co-location hosting also puts you in a position to react more effectively to future environmental legislation.